The Music All sheet music available in print from Van Slyck 20th Century Music unless otherwise noted.
"Passamezzo Antico" for Brass Quintet
  Southern Music Company
"Intrada" for Two Trumpets, Trombone, and Side Drum
"Gabriel's Sounds" for large brass band and percussion
  Bold as Brass
  Bare Bones
  Horns of a Dilemma
  Windscale 12
String Ensemble
"Concertino" for Violoncello and Orchestra
"Twelve for Three" for String Trio
  Southern Music Co.
"Czech Mates" for Violin, Viola and Piano
  Willis Music Co.
Sonatas 1-5 for violin and piano
Sonatina for Viola and Piano
  Same as Sonata #4 for Violin and Piano
Percussion Ensemble
"Fanfare for Percussion"
"Ambush and Chase" for small orchestra and rhythm band
"Chamber Concerto for Trumpet, Tympani and Strings" (manuscript)