The Music CD's of Compositions and A Piano Performance by Nicholas Van Slyck
CD - Judgement in Salem

Music Composed by Nicholas Van Slyck (1922 - 1985)

Music featured on the CD from Van Slyck 20th Century Music, released June 12, 2009. The work is for Vocal Quartet, Snare Drum, and Piano. It is based on Longfellow's "Giles Corey of the Salem Farms" a dramatization of one of the Salem Witch Trials. This CD also has a selection of piano music.

The CD and the sheet music for "Judgement in Salem" can now be ordered from Van Slyck 20th Century Music. Please see: "How to Order".

CD cover for Piano music of Nicholas Van Slyck.
CD - Pantomime

Piano Music by Nicholas Van Slyck (1922-1983)
Pantomime, Fantaisie for pianoforte four hands
 Listen to  Pantomime: Scene-setting
 Listen to  Pantomime: Processional
 Listen to  Pantomime: General Dance
 Introduction and 30 Variations on a Theme of Franz Schubert
Listen to   Variation No. 2
Listen to   Variation No. 3
 Listen to   Variation No. 4
Order the CD from: Van Slyck 20th Century Music, CDBaby.com, or Amazon.com.
CD cover for Forest Music.
CD Forest Music

Music for French Horn, Harpsichord, Bassoon and Solo Piano
La Tomba di Scarlatti
Sonata No. 1: Allegro Serioso
sonata No. 2: Parlando
Sonata No. 3: Vivo, Gioioso
    Nicholas Van Slyck (1922 - 1983)
 Listen to  Sonata No. 3

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