Piano Solo

“Laments and Processional Music for Left Hand Alone”

“Toccata for Left Hand Alone”

“Seven Short Mysteries”
1. Turbulence
2. Chorale
3. Improvisation
4. Will-o-the-Wisp
5. Meditation
6. Barcarolle
7. Anatomy of the Dance

“Nine 2- and 3-part inventions”

“Ice Light”

“After Hours”

“Pianist’s Workshop” two volumes of etudes (manuscript)

“Introduction and 30 Variations on a theme of Schubert” (manuscript)

“Three Rondos (Sonatina)”

“Six Ritornelle, rondos in chamber style
Includes Winter Scene (#4)

music-icon-colored“Ritornelle #2” sheet music. Download in PDF format. (Adobe Acrobat Reader will open.)

“Metamorphoses #1”

“Metamorphoses #2” (manuscript)

“Three Capriccios for piano”
Capriccio #1
Capriccio #2 “Reflection in December”
Capriccio #3

“Four Pictures” Suite for Piano

“Portrait” (variations for piano)

“Finger Paints” two volumes, easy to intermediate

Six Piano Sonatas (#1-#5 in manuscript)

Two Rondos (intermediate level)

“Ice-Light”, “After Hours”, “Romance” – and several other short piano pieces

“Gardens of the West”
1. Fantasie
2. Spirit of Busoni
3. Elegy for Electric Piano
4. Meditation on the Art of Fugue

“Twelve Cadenzas”
Short pieces in an improvisatory style

“Sonatina in C for piano”

“Sonatinas #1 – #6 for piano”

      Sonatina #5 in E minor

“Valse Variable”